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Sample Character

"The Locust"

Here is a sample character write up y’all can look at to get an idea for how to go about making the character you want.

I’m using one of Mische’s old characters “The Locust” because they were awesome and most of us are familiar with them.

So lets remember what The Locust looked like in AD&D. They were a Mul Gladiator with a lot of Con and Str, and they had a wild talent that allowed them to fuse weapons to their body, which they used to create bronze knuckles out of shackles.

okay, so thats pretty cool and a lot of stuff. But we’re going to distill what constant thing made the character bad-ass from encounter to encounter.

Okay, so we’re gonna start by choosing a type. We’re gonna go with Warrior on this one. For descriptor let’s choose Hardy, and for a focus lets go with Needs no Weapons, because really, The Locust didn’t bother with swords or any of that. Now we already know that they’re a Mul Gladiator, so our shifts are chosen as well. One way we might phrase this character sentence is

The Locust is a Hardy Mul Gladiator who Needs no Weapons

Effort 1
Might- 15 edge 1
Speed- 13 edge 1
Intellect- 10

Armor 1
Recovery Rolls- 1d6+1, 1 Action x2, 5 Min, 30 Min, 5 Hours

(From Type)
_Extra Edge _ (enabler)
No Need for Weapons (enabler)
Physical Skills: Running, Jumping (enabler)
Trained Without Armor (enabler)
(From Descriptor)
Fast Healer 1/2 time for recovery rolls, minimum 1 action
Unstoppable Ignore Impaired Condition, treat debilitated as impaired
(From Focus)
Fists of Fury (enabler)
Flesh of Stone (enabler)
3 in Accuracy, 1 in Strength, 1 in Healing

Skills w/Step Modifier
Might Defense- 1 Step
Speed Defense 1 Step
2 Steps
Running- 1 Step

Attacks w/Step Modifier and Damage
Bronze Knucks: 3 steps, 9 damage

This can come later


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